Saturday, 23 June 2007

Continuing The Site

The subject of my examination of a block in Minato-ku, Tokyo for the Japan Tyler Art Workshop is a small dock on the water of Tokyo Harbor. I decided to create a web site featuring photos that i took at the dock accompanied by narration describing, poetically, my experience while i was there. I chose this area for my web site because it was unlike any part of Tokyo i had seen that far. I was curious to find out what else was different about my area and wondered if the dock's timetable was also out of sync with the rest of the city.

i am going to add this to my site. dermot suggested a little text and i think my artist statement would work well. i will now make that red stamp the link to this page.


me and gian climbed to the summit of Mt.
Fuji! it was amazing to see the mighty creative work of Jesus:
the grand volcano, a climate change of 80 degrees at sea level
but a freezing breeze at 4000 meters up, and the landscape of
the tops of clouds! i'm glad Jesus fixed my relationship with
God and went with me as i climbed. i definitely needed it.
me and my friend Gian who i climbed with were not prepared for
a challenge like that. i'm glad we didn't listen to all the
people who advised us not to climb and more importantly that
God protected us when we were foolish.

Thursday, 14 June 2007

I Did it for You

this is a link that taiki showed me. i'm just posting it so i can reference.


i had finalized my design and struggled to put together the 1st page in dreamweaver. all of my files got erased when i wasn't in the lab on tuesday. i redid everything. it gave me the chance to fix some things that was already locked in at the stage i was at. thankfully, things are good now. i was able to figure out further the code i was using and the subpages for the time of day are very simple and the first one was created in no time. i still have to record more tracks, do a little photoshop work, and re-visit the dock to record sounds and take some digital photos.

Saturday, 9 June 2007

Friday, 8 June 2007


Dermot, i was just wondering if there was a way to copy the divisions made by the slice tool to another file. if not i'll do it the old fashioned way and just do the same slices over.
thanks a lot.

The Product Line

Here are some samples of the pages i have completed. i am going to roughly splice them out to dreamweaver although i would like to tweak a few details as i have time. the three color ways and the 2 page templates are presented.
-the first page is the first page that is viewed. this is the morning color combination. it will take the viewer to the time of day chosen.
-the second is the page for the time of day in the sunset colors. it links to the other times of day via the side nav. the katakana links to the iphoto slide accompanied by narration.
-this is the narration/iphoto page. night color theme. there are 3 slide shows and the red button returns to the time of day.