Saturday, 2 June 2007


i wrote more. this is the morning.

as the cool morning tints the bay in the moments before sunrise, the dock comes to an end of slumber. the barges roll on gentle waves as they rise from deep sleep. the quiet of night lingers as long as it can before the buzz of activity hurries it away. the dock starts slowly like a coal train leaving the station. the stillness is broken when a guard ship quietly moves out of it's bed. smoke rises from the exhaust as the boat bubbles away. The eyes of the dock the opening and the scene is getting brighter as the sun rolls in from the east.
the workers begin to slowly buzz the dock with activity. the last men on the dock the day before are the first ones starting the days work. a worker slides into the new day on his scooter. another sleepily drags out of his ship, and up the dock. they prepare for new tasks, the goal is to deliver the barge that was filled the day before with 40 tons of concrete. they move in and out the barge before particularly maneuvering ropes. as the ship is loosened from its ropes like blanket it begins to move away from the dock. the men hop on and look toward the bright horizon as they begin their journey.

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